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Wurfel Engine is a free 2.5D isometric Java game engine using libGDX.


Open Source

Wurfel Engine is licensed under a BSD3 license which means you can use it for free, even commercially.

Cross platform

Windows, Mac, Linux are fully supported. It can even run on Android (no support yet).


Wurfel Engine renders only what is visible and only uses 2D rendering techniques.
It is also under 5MB in filesize (+5 MB libGDX).


A never before seen light engine dynamically shades your blocks in real time at almost no resource costs.
Wurfel Engine includes many useful features like weapons.

Unlimited mapsizes

Create maps as big as you want - like in Minecraft
Use a 3D world to build the world you dreamed of.


Map editor: in work
Shape you world on the fly.

Find more details on the features or contact the development team.

Contribute & Use it

Do you want to develop games or contribute to the engine?
Try the tech demos first...

Or skip this and directly…

Download the Wurfel Engine SDK (source, jars, docs etc.):

If you may be further interested you can download my scientific paper explaining the engine (v1.0, German).

Wurfel Engine's development costs in time and money are equivalent to about 50,000 € and I am giving you everything for free.
Say thanks by donating to a poor student (me).

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